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Evolution in Education

One thing that has become clear over the last few months was that the majority of schools were not prepared for students to be working remotely from home as a result of a virus pandemic. This should have come as a surprise as most schools were urged by the Department for Education to provide an online learning presence over a decade ago. Unfortunately although many schools did buy into platforms such as Moodle and Frog at the time, most schools provided very little training for staff and so these platforms became simply a repository for random Powerpoints and pdf's. 
This was added to by the lack of technology in the classroom, meaning that IT was something that was experienced occasionally in a computer room, if of course one was available for booking. As a result the interest and use of Virtual Learning Environments (VLE's) died a death. In actual fact there was nothing wrong with the idea of a VLE, it was just that they came along before the system was ready for them.
Since t…